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I promise 

I hate it so much. And I want it to be better! Why is there homeless people on the streets that get  arrested for asking money? Okay so it gives them a better than January cold for the night but it’s strips you if your self respect! 

Why aren’t we emporing these people ?? The people of North Korea or South ? The ones that are controlled? We were all born with freedom and no human of any kind has or should have the power to strip us of that! 

You won’t see this, the one who it really matters to but you are better than your past and the things they said to you. You are a winner. And you’re SO much better than this and I really won’t rest until I make this right. It is not fair, nor justified or right. 

We are all God’s children and we were all born with love In our heart. 

Love over fear

In the end, love conquers all. 

When you’re at the end of your life, you won’t wish you had more money at that moment in time. You won’t want more whips in your garage. 

You’ll either be overjoyed for the life you’ve lived or regretting the choices you made. 

So just love whilst you can. Love the people on your life. Love your job. Love your hobbies. Love and appreciate this very moment because you’re not guaranteed the next. 

Appreciate the breath of fresh air in the morning even if it stings the back of your throat because it’s so crisp and it’s an early Monday in the middle of January and all you want is to be back under your warm covers in bed – at least you can feel it!

Tell the people in you’re life that make your day that much brighter, how special they are. Say thank you for the things they do. Don’t take them for granted. Smile at a stranger. Open doors for people. 

Get out of your head. Stop hating on things and people. Don’t worry about what their opinion of you are. What do you think of yourself? Did you make the best of the day you were given? Were you kind? Did you appreciate?

At the end of your life will you be glad to have let the fear of whatever you’re not doing stop you from getting what you want or will you be proud of yourself for having spoken up? For taking the first step?

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Let your passion guide you, let your love light the way. 

I dare you…

Life wasn’t easier when we were kids! We just had a less inhibitions. We didn’t think about others opinions of us or care about how we might be perceived. 
I dare you to strip away the layers that have accumulated over the years; every time you revealed a little bit of your true self and somebody made a comment which made you think you were wrong. 
Every time you wanted to do something different and was called weird so you banished it from your mind. 

Everyday! Everyday, something or someone influences us whether positively or negatively but you won’t notice it if you’re not aware of what is going on and who you are. 

So I dare you to take charge of your life and your feelings: what are you watching? What are you reading? Who are you talking to? What music are you listening to?

I used to think I was different. Alone. Weird. Then I discovered the Internet, and in it, a little home called Tumblr, where it seemed all the outcasts lived and I was welcomed with open gifs and quotes. 

But recently I realised that if there’s so many people in one place that feel the same, where are we when we log off? (hypothetically speaking of course as – you don’t log off tumblr. Tumblr logs you off.)

Who are we? 

We go out into “the real world” and put on a mask of the person we think the world wants us to be. We hide ourselves, pretending to like things we hate. Or float around in misery being invisible until the moment we step back into our homes. 

But that’s not living. We have one shot at this thing called life, this isn’t a practice run. And I want to make the most of this wonderful gift.

If you think about it, chances are you more than likely bumped into the owner of the cool page you’ve reblogging for the past month but you won’t know if you don’t say hi. 

Everyone has insecurities and fears, if anything take comfort in that and know you’re not alone. 

Be courageous enough to be your awesome self! Take that first step. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission. Say hello. Shut up the little voices in your head that say you’re not good enough. Do one thing everyday that scares you. Say hello. 
So I dare you to be brave, be like a kid again. 

Because you deserve better than this 

I’ve been down and out and angry at the world because I put you on top.

I’ve been up so high on top of cloud nine that you couldn’t even pull me down as there was no strings attached.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt on this journey, is that the power is in your hands. 

Hold on to it and don’t give it to anyone else.

No one can make you feel small without your permission. 

Don’t rely on others or outside circumstances to make you happy, there is no Superman or Peter Pan to come and rescue you. 

Because it is all in you to turn your life around, as long as you have a beating heart and air in your lungs there is absolutely no reason for the pity party!

So get up, raise your standards and make sure you value yourself. 

The fear

Have you ever thought how the only thing that ever stands in your way to accomplish anything is (almost) always fear?
Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of disappointing.
But in the end you can never know for sure until you do the act! It’s always your thoughts that hold you back or someone saying you shouldn’t because of this or that happened to them or someone else or you have you be “realistic”.
When did we become scared to try?
From the moment we were born! We couldn’t walk, yet we tried and fell and tried again until our own two feet held us up. So what happened along the way? The need to get everyone’s approval or to not be judged? Or when you’re let down and you pretend it didn’t affect you or hurt, so you make a joke of it and laugh it off.
No. I am disappointed and it’s hurt but I won’t let it affect me.
Don’t ask me to not trust the next person to walk into my life because of the past. See the beauty in each and every one us, in you! Because we are a miracle and we are marvellous. Every second, you are fighting to be alive! Each cell in your body is working hard, you’re not mediocre. Maybe you aren’t capable of breathing without the help of a machine, or you’re paralysed from the neck down or the doctors say you have 2 months to live… Yet you are still here? These are all predictions and limitations brought forward by their/our thoughts.

How about what you can do…?

Can you believe at one point on this earth, there was no planes but then someone had an idea to fly!? Bless them. And it developed and now we have planes! Imagine that!?

I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t let your doubts shadow your light. Be brave, even if it’s getting out of bed, it’s the first step and it’s enough. You DO matter and so does everyone else so be kind and believe in yourself.
So what if you do fail? But what if you succeed!

The Rose

Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to Westlife since I woke up and The Rose always gets to me but I think I’ve just understood “love” a little bit more. It dawned on me how much I actually love my mother. I thought of how… infuriating it’d be without her, granted, from a selfish point of view but still. She is the only person who truly knows me. The good, the bad and ugly. The really ugly. Yet she’s puts up with it, day in, day out. Always patient. Always understanding.
Now I’m not a touchy/feely person and I never miss her when we’re away from each other nor want to give her a hug when reunited like she always wants to but I had an overwhelming feeling to do so and tell her how much I love and appreciate all that she does for us.
I guess I understand why some people always tell each other that they love the other whenever they part because you don’t know what the future holds, you want you parent, your child, your lover, your friend, to at least know that they were loved if anything should happen to you or them. But I didn’t like it because most of the time it seemed as though it lost its meaning along the way, a thing said on autopilot.
I felt guilty as I don’t tell anyone I love them unless I truly feel it which is hardly ever.
Then I felt sad for all the people who lost their parents or who have them but they don’t care.
There’s a quote from One Tree Hill that has always stuck with me, something along the lines of

a new born is a sign that god still hasn’t given up on us

or something.

And it hit me. Regardless of whether you’re an atheist or believer in some 9 headed body… I’ve lost where I was going with this….
Basically.. It breaks my heart that someone can hurt or hate such a delicate creature, this little bundle of joy. Now I know we don’t make it easy, growing up, demanding attention, money for clothes due to growth spurts every 3 months, play time when you’re exhausted but what sort of humanKIND would you have to be to hate such a gift?

Or when I see children as little as 7 spitting out hate at some people or things that they don’t even understand because of what they’ve been told at home or they’re simply mirroring what their guardians do, to get their approval or whatever, I’m no psychologist. But what do you gain from planting the seeds of hate into such a young mind other than a darker future for us all?

So yeah, I’ll try to be more appreciative and show those I love how much I care for them even though it’s easier said than done when you let the everyday petty things get in the way.