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I dare you…

Life wasn’t easier when we were kids! We just had a less inhibitions. We didn’t think about others opinions of us or care about how we might be perceived. 
I dare you to strip away the layers that have accumulated over the years; every time you revealed a little bit of your true self and somebody made a comment which made you think you were wrong. 
Every time you wanted to do something different and was called weird so you banished it from your mind. 

Everyday! Everyday, something or someone influences us whether positively or negatively but you won’t notice it if you’re not aware of what is going on and who you are. 

So I dare you to take charge of your life and your feelings: what are you watching? What are you reading? Who are you talking to? What music are you listening to?

I used to think I was different. Alone. Weird. Then I discovered the Internet, and in it, a little home called Tumblr, where it seemed all the outcasts lived and I was welcomed with open gifs and quotes. 

But recently I realised that if there’s so many people in one place that feel the same, where are we when we log off? (hypothetically speaking of course as – you don’t log off tumblr. Tumblr logs you off.)

Who are we? 

We go out into “the real world” and put on a mask of the person we think the world wants us to be. We hide ourselves, pretending to like things we hate. Or float around in misery being invisible until the moment we step back into our homes. 

But that’s not living. We have one shot at this thing called life, this isn’t a practice run. And I want to make the most of this wonderful gift.

If you think about it, chances are you more than likely bumped into the owner of the cool page you’ve reblogging for the past month but you won’t know if you don’t say hi. 

Everyone has insecurities and fears, if anything take comfort in that and know you’re not alone. 

Be courageous enough to be your awesome self! Take that first step. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission. Say hello. Shut up the little voices in your head that say you’re not good enough. Do one thing everyday that scares you. Say hello. 
So I dare you to be brave, be like a kid again.