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Now I’m not American, matter of fact I’ve never stepped on “the land of the free”But I’ve had the (mis)fortune of watching the news and being informed on what goes on in the world. And then I watched Straight Outta Compton. 
Why are you repeating history? Isn’t Ferguson what happened 1989? 

The more I learn about the World, the more flabbergasted I become about the people who let these things happen.

How can you be so ignorant??

How does someone put on a badge and a uniform to protect and serve yet discriminate people based on where they’re from? 

How do you sleep at night knowing that you beat someone to death, knowing that you made their life a living nightmare…

What made you so blind?!

I’ve never been so angry yet inspired and amazed and lost for words by a movie before. 

The crazy thing is, millions of people go through the same things, all over the world; We all have our struggles and own stories. Some more than others but that doesn’t make one any less troubling than another. 

“Leading” countries starting wars in others yet surprised when the people come seeking shelter… Did you expect them to rebuild their homes from the bombs wreckage’s wake orrrr?

Make a change. 

Putting your head down because it’s not happening to you, is just as bad. Don’t wait for it to get to your doorstep. Speak up now, about the injustice you see.